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E.J. Stevens

E.J. Stevens is the author of the SPIRIT GUIDE young adult paranormal series, the HUNTERS' GUILD urban fantasy series, and the bestselling IVY GRANGER urban fantasy series. 

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The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy)

The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Jessica Verday A beautifully romantic haunting story. Abbey and her best friend Kristen used to hang out in the local Sleepy Hollow cemetery, near the river where Kristen disappeared. Trying to understand what happened to her friend, and avoiding classmates who do not understand her, Abbey continues to wander the cemetery grounds. It is here that she meets gorgeous, mysterious Caspian. But as her feelings for Caspian grow, he begins to distance himself more and more. Frustrated and hurt Abbey wonders if she is destined to loose everyone she loves. A fabulous young adult paranormal romance that leaves you dangling on a precipice grasping for answers. Today is the release of The Haunted (The Hollow, book 2) and I have a copy on preorder. I can't wait to find out what happens next in this wonderful paranormal series!

I recommend The Hollow (The Hollow, book 1), to fans of paranormal fiction, young adult, urban fantasy, and especially to fans of paranormal romance.

** This review originally posted on my blog: www.FromTheShadows.info **