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E.J. Stevens is the author of the SPIRIT GUIDE young adult paranormal series, the HUNTERS' GUILD urban fantasy series, and the bestselling IVY GRANGER urban fantasy series. 

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Masquerade - Melissa  de la Cruz Hunger, beauty, mystery, deadly secrets, pain, and blood memories...

Masquerade is the second book in the Blue Bloods vampire series by Melissa de la Cruz. Masquerade takes us across continents and deeper into the world of Blue Blood vampires. Mimi Force is still being Mimi. Bliss is coping with the nightmares of her transformation and with the uncertainty of what really happened to Dylan. Schuyler Van Alen continues her search to discover the secrets of the Silver Bloods and to unlock the secrets within her own blood. Her unusual heritage, mixed feelings towards Jack Force and Oliver Hazard-Perry, as well as the sudden loss of a loved one leave Schuyler adrift and confused sure of only one thing. She must find the secrets of the Silver Bloods. Before it's too late.

I enjoyed Masquerade and am looking forward to reading Revelations, the third book in the Blue Bloods series.

I would recommend Masquerade to readers of paranormal romance, young adult, urban fantasy, mysteries, and especially to fans of young adult vampire fiction.

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