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E.J. Stevens

E.J. Stevens is the author of the SPIRIT GUIDE young adult paranormal series, the HUNTERS' GUILD urban fantasy series, and the bestselling IVY GRANGER urban fantasy series. 

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A Spectacle of Corruption

A Spectacle of Corruption - David Liss A Spectacle of Corruption is the second memoir of ex-pugilist and private investigator, Benjamin Weaver. After a blatantly rigged trial, framing him for the murder of a man he scarcely knew, Weaver finds himself convicted of murder and sentenced to death by hanging. What follows is a harrowing escape from hellish Newgate prison and a dark journey into the grimy underbelly of 1772 London, full of poverty, violence, political intrigue and corruption.

A Spectacle of Corruption is the sequel to David Liss's first novel, A Conspiracy of Paper.